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Not long ago, I was restless and dissatisfied. I knew I was not serving my purpose. Thankfully, through a series of unfortunate events, I stepped into the world of writing, and my purpose was revealed. I felt satisfied and complete. Over the years, I have met amazing people to whom I owe enormous gratitude for entrusting me with their stories.

Together we have realized dreams, reached goals, and forged paths that once seemed impossible. More than two hundred books later, the exhilaration still exists! I am just as excited as when this all began in January of 2014. Why? Because 'this' is what I was born to do.

How does one know they were born to help others tell their stories you ask? Well, it is not the publishing of the books that I was born for specifically, it is assisting others in bringing their stories (testimonies) to light! For as long as I can remember, people have come to me with their stories. They trusted me with their feelings and sought out my advice to make sense of them. And although I was a shy, insecure, and extremely flawed individual myself, somehow I was able to help!

Helping them helped me. That same satisfaction I experienced then is what I feel now when I'm able to assist someone with making sense of their manuscript. There is so much that goes on between that initial email or telephone consultation and the final release of the book which is why by the time we reach the pinnacle of publication, there is a tie that binds me with the author forever.

I give all I have from all that was given to me and leave nothing on the editing table! Every word matters! (It may not be used for the current work, but it has a purpose.) Does it take blood, sweat, and tears to publish a book? No, but it is what I offer. My purpose is who I am, not what I do.

Does my purpose include you? 

Iris M. Williams
Storyteller & Consultant

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