A Genre of Greatness!

Purpose comes in many forms and we're excited to present them. No matter the genre, the theme is the same - offering something helpful to someone else. Below are just a few of the many wonderful books we've published.


(Author Kimber Dean offers tips, tools, and techniques for healthy eating and living!)


(Author Yolanda Winston offers biblical techniques for dealing with tragedy and overcoming grief.)

Juvenile Fiction

(Author Johanna Clark offers guidance for dealing with racial tension.)

Christian Romance

(Author Ricky Allen offers hope and perspective in love and relationships.)


(Author Kendra Benford offers solace and peace in the form of poetry.)


(Author Sharon Flowers offers life lessons for moving forward after tragedy and grief.)


(Author Miyoshi Gordon shares her story of unknown illness and emotional upheaval.)

Memoir, Creative

(Author Thomasema Pannell shares a girl's coming-of-age story that includes sexual and emotional trauma.)

Memoir / Compilation

(Author Phyllis Hodges shares the amazing and inspirational stories of Arkansas history makers.)

Our Library of Authors

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